Digitize and optimize the management of property maintenance. Personalized mapping of the properties, management of ordinary and extraordinary interventions, involvement of the maintainer with an active role in the management process.


InFacility is the Cloud platform conceived by BISY for the management of real estate assets and digital maintenance, offering full control of the entire life cycle of each asset and precise monitoring of ongoing interventions. Highly customizable and versatile, InFacility can be adapted to the specific needs of each Facility Manager

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A single platform that allows you to monitor, analyze and account for all costs related to the management of your real estate assets.


It allows you to manage the entire maintenance life cycle of each individual asset and plan ordinary maintenance interventions in the best possible way.


Asset Lifecyle Management (ALM)

It allows you to build, and maintain over time, a database with all the information relating to buildings and assets. By linking this information to the maintenance activity, it is possible to keep track of the behavior of the single asset over time and make decisions in a faster and more immediate way on any replacements and/or repairs.

Ordinary maintenance management

It allows you to manage the entire process related to ordinary maintenance, from the contract signed with the supplier, to the scheduling of interventions according to the shared periodicity, up to the collection of feedback from the maintainer once the intervention has been performed.

Extraordinary maintenance management

It allows you to manage the entire process associated with extraordinary maintenance: opening of the report by field personnel, estimating the intervention, automatic acquisition of the maintenance technician’s employment relationship, final balance and reconciliation with the supplier’s invoice.


Thanks to a customizable and interactive dashboard, the user can keep track of different KPIs such as compliance with contractual SLAs, monitoring of the status of interventions, the life cycle of individual assets.

Mobile app

It is an app that allows you to involve personnel in the field, making them an active and integral part of the entire facility management process. Here are some use cases of the app:

  • the customer’s personnel in the field can open reports of problems and monitor the progress of the interventions relating to their structures under management;
  • the maintainer can schedule ordinary maintenance interventions and agree with the customer.
  • the maintainer can provide information on the interventions assigned up to creating a digital work relationship at the end of the intervention.

All this allows you to receive immediate feedback from the field and significantly reduces back-office activities related to mail exchanges and acquisition of scanned documents (e.g. supplier work reports).

API and Integration

The platform has a Rest API that allows you to automatically retrieve all the information processed and then integrate the solution completely within the customer’s IT processes

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