Automate the management and cost analysis of phone utilities. Automatic import of billing data, control of contractual options and thresholds, accounting integrated with the company's accounting process.


TLCheck is the Cloud solution created to digitize and simplify the process of managing phone, landline and mobile utilities. Thanks to TLCheck it is possible to put aside complex excel files and manual procedures as acquiring, verifying and breaking down telephone bills by cost center becomes a simple and above all automatic operation.

Reference markets


Thanks to the digitalisation from PDF, it allows you to divide telephone costs by single structure or cost center in a totally automatic way.


A technologically advanced solution that allows you to discover every single anomaly on the invoice, from an incorrect rate to an additional service activated without request.


A tool that allows you to eliminate manual data acquisition and analysis activities, so you have more free time to focus on bringing added value to your customers every day.


Automatic acquisition of invoices and digitization from PDF

Thanks to proprietary automation algorithms, telephony invoices are automatically retrieved from supplier portals, both the courtesy invoice in PDF and Excel with the details of the invoiced services. Thanks to the digitization from PDF, the data is processed and made available on the platform.

Check and search for billing anomalies

The platform searches for billing anomalies and highlights them to the user in order to activate the recovery service for incorrectly invoiced sums. This is a function that can also highlight and monitor the correct billing of additional paid services (foreign traffic, giga options…)

Consumption analysis and customized reports

Thanks to an interactive dashboard and advanced analytics functions, it allows spending and consumption of each individual line to always be kept under control. It is then possible to create and export customized reports with comparisons over different periods.

Automatic accounting of invoices

Thanks to the advanced data acquisition function, the platform contains all the detailed information to be able to divide the costs of a telephone bill by cost center and pertinent month. Subsequently, through a dedicated report, or by taking advantage of our APIs, it is possible to direct this information directly into the customer’s accounting software.

API and Integration

The platform has a Rest API that allows you to automatically retrieve all the information processed and then integrate the solution completely within the customer’s IT processes

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