The cloud platform that analyzes, manages, checks and accounts for your energy bills.


Collect and process data from invoice PDFs


Predict costs and consumption analyzing custom KPIs


Integrates with accounting software, EMS/BMS systems


Energy suppliers

Each supplier produces a different invoice but Elyx is designed to read and interpret them all.


Clients / year

More and more Italian and international companies from all sectors, both public and private, rely on Elyx.


Analyzed invoices / year

To manage large volumes of data we have designed a powerful, reliable and infinitely scalable software.

Works for every business

Automating the management of energy invoices brings great advantages regardless of the sector, the number of employees or the turnover.

  • Multisite

    Centralize, automate and account
  • Small Medium Enterprise

    Predict and check
  • Public Administration

    Automate and optimize
  • Energy Consultant

    Manage more clients

Why Elyx?

With Elyx, you can achieve maximum efficiency in energy management by using the data to run analyses, make forecasts and budgets, draw up ESG ratings, participate in calls for tenders…
We guide you in the digital transformation of energy management: make the most of the energy resources of your plants and maximize your company's productivity and competitiveness.

Main Advantages


Elyx automates the management of energy bills: importing, checking, reporting and accounting.
Find supplier billing errors
Elyx automatically validates the correctness of all billing components in line with your contract and country's regulation with always up-to-date data and a history from 2014 to check previous invoices. If you have imported self-reading data, it can compare them with consumptions reported by the supplier.
No restrictions on supplier selection
Elyx reads and collects all energy bill data directly from any supplier's PDF. If you have given up on changing suppliers because the current one provides you with data via Excel, with Elyx you will no longer need it.
Import invoices automatically
Elyx can retrieve invoices in PDF, xls, xml or csv format directly from your supplier's website or you can forward supplier emails with PDF attachments directly to a platform address: in this way everything will be completely automated.


Elyx helps you speed up all energy management processes and operations.
Optimize cash flows
Elyx automatically simulates the energy expenditure for each meter and for each billing component, giving you highly accurate forecast budgets.
Simplify sustainability reporting and ESG rating
Elyx collects all energy consumption data in one place, providing quick analysis and comparisons against standard and customized KPIs.
Optimize the time spent managing billing anomalies
Elyx notifies you of every anomalous situation detected while checking invoices (billing gaps, consumptions/costs out of tolerance, penalty charges…), so you can take immediate action.


Elyx can be integrated with other applications that already used by your company, without making you change anything.
Export to the accounting application
Elyx exports all the information needed for the accounting of an invoice. It can directly apply the digital stamps required for the accounting record of the tax document on the PDFs of the invoices and automatically handle the accounting allocations of costs related to previous fiscal years.
Integrate other applications with Rest API
Elyx automatically syncs with your property management software keeping the real estate registration data always current.
Import data from EMS/BMS systems
Elyx automatically imports the data related to the energy consumption monitored on the field and links them to their respective meter, allowing more in-depth and accurate analysis.
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Find out how large companies and government agencies use Elyx

Some of the companies that have decided to rely on our platform to be more efficient and competitive
Case studies

Express Start-up

What happens and what is needed when you start using the platform?

The start-up process follows the same procedure for everyone but it can be longer or shorter depending on the features included in the selected subscription plan.
Plans and service levels

Start-up & first data import

We set up the platform for you

We will enter all the data relating to the contracts with the supplier, the property master data and the meter serial numbers into the platform. We’ll import the current year’s invoices (and previous years’ invoices if included in your contract) and set up automatic import of new invoices.
You will be ready to work with Elyx in the shortest time possible.


Use Elyx right now

We assist you in the first steps

Once the data has been imported, you’ll get full access to the platform.
Now you are ready to work with Elyx.
You can make analyzes and forecasts, set customized KPIs, download reports and more generally use all the platform’s functions. How to make the most of it? No problem: every plan includes a part of coaching and training in the use of Elyx.


Make Elyx data available to any other software

We integrate Elyx into your workflow

We will support you in implementing integrations with other softwares used in your company, configuring the import of data from your systems and field sensors such as any type of EMS and BMS.

Receive the PDF presentation

Fill in the form to immediately receive the detailed presentation of the platform via email in a handy PDF.

Do you need the presentation in a different format or are you looking for more information? Contact us

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    Digitization of invoices directly from the supplier's PDF

    It allows you to automatically retrieve and import energy invoice data directly from the supplier’s PDF (including scanning). Invoices belonging to different energy carriers can be managed (methane gas, electricity, diesel, LPG, district heating and cooling) and is able to collect the following information:

    • Meter registry
    • Readings and consumption
    • Details of utility billing

    Automatic check of the correctness of invoices

    It allows you to automatically check the correctness of an energy bill extracted during the digitization phase. A traffic light will indicate the outcome of the control activities to highlight errors and anomalies relating to different aspects:

    • Consistency with the supply contract
    • Regulatory legislation (eg. ARERA for Italy)
    • Comparison with the distributor’s consumption

    Monthly analysis and breakdown of costs and consumption

    The data relating to costs and consumption are broken down monthly, for each delivery point and with a simple click you can find out how much has been spent or consumed for each individual property. The information obtained can be compared and analyzed on different levels (delivery point, building, cluster, customer). In particular:

    • Comparison between available power and maximum used in the month.
    • Reactive energy analysis and related penalties.
    • Comparison of the raw material price with market indices.
    • Comparison of billed consumption with other sources such as self-readings, data from the field, budget.

    KPI: personalized energy performance indexes

    It allows you to define energy performance indices, customized according to the sector to which it belongs, to evaluate the behavior of each property in relation to the others. It helps the user, especially in multi-site situations, to highlight situations of abnormal consumption. In fact, various buildings can be compared on the basis of a single KPI or two KPIs can be compared to each other to perform even more in-depth assessments.

    Generation of reports and configuration of specific alerts

    It allows you to generate personalized aggregate reports or for a specific delivery point and you can take advantage of an interactive dashboard to analyze all the data of each individual carrier in a visual and intuitive way.
    Thanks to configurable alerts it is possible to monitor situations such as:

    • Abnormal costs and consumption
    • Compare with self-readings
    • Identification of penalties and power peaks

    Precise and automatic energy expenditure forecast

    Thanks to the Elyx calculation engine, it is possible to generate energy expenditure simulations to cover various forecast scenarios, even in the long term, and to compare the data actually billed with the simulated ones. In particular:

    • Calculation of the energy budget for the following year and any revisions.
    • Generation of monthly allocations for the current month.
    • Evaluation of energy expenditure according to the energy class, power change or evaluation of different supply contracts.

    Rest API to interconnect business applications

    Access all the information processed by ELYX from other external applications.

    • Accounting: Exports to the accounting application all the information necessary for the accounting of an invoice. You have the option of affixing digital stamps directly on the PDF of the invoices containing all the information necessary for the accounting registration of the tax document and automatically manage the accounting provisions of costs relating to previous tax years.
    • Field monitoring: Automatically imports field monitored energy consumption data (EMS, BMS, …)
    • Assets: Automatically align the data relating to the property master data directly from the Assets application.

    Mobile App to optimize your time

    You can say goodbye to the various reports, messages and excel files of maintainers, the Elyx mobile application eliminates all those manual activities and allows you to directly receive the self-reading data within the platform.

    Minimize human error due to the manual entry of the self-reading data, the Elyx application performs a pre-check of the data entered, before sending it to the platform, and allows you to digitize the entire data collection process self-reading values of your fleet of meters.

    You can use the consumption reconstructed from the self-readings for comparisons with the invoiced one and use the data for precise and punctual monthly allocations.


    Choose the service level and features that best suit your business needs.


    Analyze your energy supply data

    Ideal for companies that want to analyze and better understand the energy performance of their properties.

    • Import invoices from PDF
    • Checking correctness of invoices
    • Automatic invoice import
    • Standard Reports
    • Reports to help you file a complaint or claim to the supplier


    Manage all aspects related to your supplies

    Ideal for industrial and multi-site realities that need an advanced tool for managing their energy supplies.

    • All the features of the Business plan
    • Forecast, budget and allocations
    • Import invoices from XLS and XML-SDI
    • Custom alerts
    • A custom report included
    • Self-reading analysis
    • Afer-sales team to assist you in using Elyx


    Automate the process of analyzing your energy supplies

    Ideal for large multi-site companies that want to automate the entire process of analyzing and managing energy supplies.

    • All the features of the Professional plan
    • Automatic invoice accounting
    • API for integration with other software
    • Elyx specialist at your disposal
    • Two custom reports included
    • Automatic data import from structured layout

    Subscription Plans and Service Levels Details

    Import Business Professional Enterprise
    Import invoices from courtesy PDF
    It allows you to import invoice data by automatically scanning the detailed courtesy PDF of the supplier.
    Import invoices from XML-SDI
    This allows you to import invoices also in xml-SDI format (i.e. the electronic invoice) in order to automatically extract the attached courtesy PDF and perform a consistency check between what is indicated in the electronic invoice and that contained in detail of the PDF.
    Import invoices from xls layout
    It is possible to import invoice data also from xls / csv layouts made available by the supplier.
    Import data from structured layout (xls, csv, xml)
    It is also possible to import into ELYX data that does not refer to energy bills (eg monitored, distributor curve, info for KPIs…).
    Check Business Professional Enterprise
    Invoice correctness check
    This allows you to check the economic correctness of an electricity and methane gas invoice by verifying the correct application of the contractual conditions agreed with the supplier and of all the ARERA regulations (https://www.arera.it/). ELYX updates itself automatically to the current legislation of the period and has the history starting from 2014 in order to also check invoices from previous periods.
    Report to support the complaint
    This allows you to download a report indicating all the information automatically calculated by ELYX for checking the invoice. In this way, the user is autonomous in reporting the problem to the energy supplier.
    **Complaint management against the supplier
    This is a service provided by the ELYX after-sales team and consists in taking charge of the management of complaints to the supplier on behalf of the customer. The customer can monitor the progress of the complaint directly from the platform.
    Analyze Business Professional Enterprise
    Web dashboard
    The dashboard allows the user to view a series of indicators and graphs relating to the energy data processed by the platform. It is possible to obtain a global view per customer or go into detail through advanced search functions.
    Data analytics
    This allows the user to have access to a series of pages of advanced energy data analysis and to be able to download all the information for each HP-month in xls format.
    Standard alert
    Sends an alert if ELYX detects billing-related anomalies (e.g. invoices not loaded and / or not issued by the supplier) and anomalous consumption for a given month (e.g. current month's consumption is 15% higher than last year's same month).
    Custom alerts
    This allows the user to customize the configuration of alerts in order to create others with respect to the previous point and have an energy situation more under control.
    Standard reports
    The platform is made available with 2 generic reports, one oriented towards an aggregate analysis and one for a single delivery point.
    Custom reports
    The customer may ask the after-sales team to configure customized reports and can download them when needed.
    The platform allows the user to create customized energy performance indices in order to use the most significant ones for the sector to which they belong. An analysis section is then provided to view the kpi generated by the system and highlight the most inefficient sites.
    This allows you to upload information relating to self-readings of delivery points and use this information as a further source of control and comparison with billed consumption. Data entry is provided via web-form or massive through an xls template downloadable from the platform.
    Forecast, budget and allocations
    This allows you to use the simulation module of the platform to forecast energy costs by understanding different operational needs such as defining an annual budget, updating through budget reviews or producing monthly allocations for the administration.
    Automation Business Professional Enterprise
    Automatic retrieval of invoice PDFs
    This allows you to avoid the manual upload of PDFs of energy invoices on the platform and therefore the user will find their own analyzed invoices directly in the system.
    Automatic accounting of invoices
    This allows you to activate an accounting approval workflow for invoices and to record the accounting data of an energy invoice (cost breakdown by accounting cost center and month of competence) directly on the customer's accounting software. This activity may require the implementation of an ad-hoc integration depending on the accounting system used by the customer.
    Automatic download of load curves
    This allows the platform to automatically connect to the vending machine portal to download the hourly or quarter-hour consumption of each PdC. To date, this information is only available for HV, MV or LV electrical HPs with available power> = 55 kW. The portals for which the automation has been implemented are e-distribuzione and AReti.
    Automatic data import from track
    With regard to the possibility of importing different data sources into ELYX, this function allows you to schedule and automate the import of this kind of information, avoiding the user periodic manual upload via web-form.
    API for integration
    The platform provides a layer of Restful API that allow the customer to easily integrate ELYX with other company software applications.
    Mobile App Business Professional Enterprise
    Use ELYX from a mobile app
    ELYX provides a multi-platform mobile app that provides the main functions of the web also at the smartphone level.
    Self-reading mapping from fiscal meters
    This is an additional function that can be enabled on the app and that allows you to digitize the entire process of collecting self-reading values from the field through photos and automatic sending to the web platform.
    Support Business Professional Enterprise
    Ticketing portal for technical assistance
    The portal allows the customer to create assistance tickets following technical problems in using the platform.
    After-sales team
    An after-sales team is made available to assist the customer in using the platform.
    Elyx specialist
    An ELYX platform specialist is made available to the customer with the aim of making the most of all the tool's potential and outsourcing the management and monitoring of utilities:
    • In-depth analysis of the analyzes produced by the platform (every 3-months).
    • Report on the anomalies raised by the configured watchdogs (every 3-months).
    • Monitoring of anomalies related to the consistency of the registry (eg. Closed Pd, missing Pd…).
    • Monitoring of the invoice posting process.
    • Support for the generation of monthly allocations, annual budgets and respective revisions.

    * Activated in case of adoption of the Check service level, only for electricity and natural gas.
    ** It does not include the management of any conciliation and/or legal action against the supplier.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    How can I choose the most suitableplan for my business?

    We’ve designed the plans and service levels to best suit specific needs:

    If you want an advanced tool to monitor and analyze the energy costs and consumption of your company, choose the Business plan.

    If you also want to do simulations and reviews of the energy budget, exploring different scenarios to assess the impact of energy decisions, choose the Professional plan.

    If you already have field monitoring tools, an accounting management system or an application dedicated to real estate assets and you want a solution that can gather all the data related to energy, making them available to the various business applications and integrating them into your workflow, choose the Enterprise plan.

    How is Elyx's pricing structured?

    Elyx’s fee is based on the number of meters you have and the fee per meter reduces as the number of meters increases. This keeps Elyx competitive even for very large businesses with thousands of properties and meters.

    How does Elyx collect invoices automatically?

    Elyx offre diverse opzioni per il recupero automatico delle fatture, oltre al tradizionale caricamento manuale. Puoi utilizzare una delle seguenti modalità:

    Inoltro email: Puoi impostare un inoltro automatico delle email dei fornitori (che hanno in allegato i PDF delle fatture) a un indirizzo della piattaforma Elyx. Il sistema importerà automaticamente i documenti per la loro elaborazione.

    Integrazione con il portale di contabilità: Elyx può integrarsi con il tuo sistema di contabilità e acquisire le fatture energetiche che ricevi tramite il sistema di Interscambio (SDI).

    Recupero dal portale del fornitore: Elyx può recuperare direttamente le fatture energetiche dal portale del fornitore. Attualmente, questa funzionalità è disponibile solo per ENEL.




    Elyx offers various options for the automatic retrieval of invoices, in addition to the traditional manual uploading. You can utilize one of the following methods:

    Email forwarding: You can directly forward supplier emails containing PDF invoice files to a specific Elyx platform address. The system will automatically import the documents for processing.

    Integration with accounting portal: Elyx can be integrated with your existing accounting system and automatically retrieves invoices through a portal link.

    Supplier portal retrieval: Elyx also provides the option to directly retrieve energy invoices from the supplier’s portal. Currently, this functionality is available for ENEL, allowing you to avoid manual collection of documents for analysis.



    How can I handle billing errors reported by Elyx?

    Elyx always offers you a detailed analysis of the billing errors detected. You can view the specific details of the amounts, dates and disputed items to better understand the nature of the error. With this data you can file a complaint to your supplier on your own or rely on the Elyx after-sales team that can handle the complaint for you. The complaint management is included in the Professional and Enterprise plans while it is an extra option in the Business plan. This service does not include in any case the management of the possible conciliation and/or legal action against the supplier.

    How are the updates to the current regulations integrated into the software?

    Our team of experts carefully monitors the changes to the regulations made from the authorities in the energy sector, analyzing them and updating the platform accordingly, so that it is always compliant with the current standards of each monitored country.

    As the regulations are updated, the data related to past periods are archived, remaining available: in this way Elyx can check the correctness of any energy invoice from 2014 onwards.

    Can Elyx process energy invoices from other countries?

    Elyx currently processes energy invoices for France, Belgium, and the United Arab Emirates. The platform is designed to adapt to different regulations, currencies, and international units of measurement for energy carriers, allowing for the management of invoices from various countries. Additionally, the portal is available in Italian, English, and French languages, facilitating communication and processing of information from different countries. The software is automatically updated with the latest version of the current regulations for each country where we are present.

    Can Elyx help me choose the best supplier?

    Absolutely! Elyx offers you independent support in choosing the most suitable supplier for your needs. Through the simulation engine, you can evaluate and compare offers from different energy suppliers. By entering your energy consumption profile, you will obtain an accurate estimate of the expenses associated with each offer.

    This will enable you to assess the impact that each option will have on your company’s budget, allowing you to make an informed decision and choose the best supplier.

    Request a demo for this product

    Fill out the form to request a demo and find out how to optimize the management of your energy utilities. You will be able to take a 360° tour within the platform and have detailed explanations of all Elyx features from our experts.

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