127.000m2 in 25 stores
100+ Meters
700+ Invoices analyzed / year

Rossetto Spa is an Italian company owned by the Rossetto family. It manages a chain of supermarkets located mainly in the regions of Veneto, Lombardy and Emilia-Romagna.

The company offers a wide range of food products, including fresh, frozen and long-life products, and household and personal care products.

Rossetto has always been particularly attentive to energy efficiency, therefore it has adopted various solutions to reduce energy consumption, such as the installation of photovoltaic systems and energy-efficient LED lighting systems.

In addition, the company has long adopted policies to reduce food waste and sustainable waste management.


The difficulties of Rossetto

The management of energy supplies is one of the activities that require the most attention and effort from companies. Rossetto, in particular, had great difficulties in calculating the annual budget and the relative revisions, due to the stipulation of a variable contract and a fixing based on consumption bands.
Added to all this was the difficulty in obtaining energy data from all the points of sale and their lack of digitalisation, which made it difficult to manage supplies.

Problems in brief:

  • Invoices not scanned
  • Difficulties in forecasting the energy budget
  • Difficulty in finding information
  • Complex supply contract


Elyx for Rossetto, the cloud solution

To overcome these problems, Rossetto has chosen to rely on our cloud platform, which simplifies and automates the management of energy supplies.

Thanks to the automatic reading of invoices in PDF format and the control of the correctness of each individual component, Elyx allows you to have a complete view of the company’s energy expenditure.

Elyx has allowed Rossetto to implement a complete forecast budget management, which includes the calculation of the budget at the beginning of the year, a quarterly review and a monthly allocation, fundamental steps to better plan cash flows.

Furthermore, thanks to the Elyx Analytics functions, Rossetto is now able to make comparisons between the forecast data calculated by the simulation engine and those invoiced by the supplier, in order to constantly monitor the capacity of the budget. This has allowed Rossetto to have a complete and detailed view of energy costs and, consequently, to optimize costs by saving.


In conclusion

There were three main advantages for the customer:

  • the possibility of having a very precise forecast energy expenditure calculator;
  • the elimination of human errors;
  • saving time for repetitive and boring tasks.

Elyx has allowed Rossetto to completely automate the activity of checking invoices and calculating the forecast budget. This has led to a significant improvement in budget and resource management, which has made it possible to optimize costs and improve overall energy efficiency.

Furthermore, the company was able to focus more on core business activities, without having to spend too much time managing the budget.


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