Poste Italiane

15.000+ Properties
20.000+ Meters
240.000+ Invoices analyzed / year

Poste Italiane, the largest company in the logistics sector in Italy and leader in the financial, insurance and payment services sector, has chosen Elyx.

Increasingly oriented towards environmental sustainability, with 132 branches and more than 12,000 post offices, starting from 2010, it has decided to reduce energy consumption by 16% through the use of our technology.

The developement of energy saving and efficiency activities are very significant in many sectors: buildings and transport, equipment, lighting and industrial processes. Investments that have produced significant environmental, economic and employment benefits, with positive repercussions both in terms of economic competitiveness and environmental sustainability.

Poste’s foresight, with the use of advanced systems for monitoring energy consumption and automatic shutdown, has allowed it to become the Italian company with the largest remote reading and remote control network to date.

As part of a broader project of Digital Transformation of all business processes, Poste Italiane was looking for a solution capable of simplifying and automating all those activities that revolve around the analysis of energy bills and which at the same time would create a single digital repository for the energy data of real estate assets.

From the first moment they found everything they needed in our ELYX platform:

  • The flexibility of a tool designed to operate in transversal sectors,
  • The technological innovation necessary to be able to collect information even from unstructured sources such as PDFs and scans,
  • Thetechnical competence of our “regulation” team to keep up to date on regulatory news and receive support in case of need.

By integrating the ELYX platform with other business applications (EMS, Property, Accounting), Poste has been able to automate the entire energy data management process, saving time and improving teamwork efficiency. ELYX has become a fundamental tool for Poste Italiane especially with regard to sustainability: it allows you to automatically collect and process all the information necessary to calculate the environmental impact of the company.We are happy to support Poste, and other multisite realities, in their process of digitization by offering a service that is also able to contribute to a greener world.