117 + Sale points in Italy
226 + Meters
2.800 + Invoices checked / year


Automation of energy utilities management: the case study of MediaWorld

The Italian retailer Mediamarket S.p.A, part of the Media Markt group, has taken a significant step towards digital transformation and automation of internal processes through the support of ELYX, our cloud based platform that enables the automation of energy utilities management for large multisite companies.


The challenges of Mediamarket

Mediamarket, a company committed to sustainable development, faced significant challenges in managing the energy data of its buildings. It was essential for them to have access to a centralized repository containing master data, energy consumption and billing details. This need was crucial for the energy management office, which had to perform monthly simulations based on the consumption of the field meters in order to process pre-invoices, create customized reports that compared the billed consumption with the load curve and the meter data, and integrate everything with the corporate accounting.

To address these challenges, Mediamarket successfully implemented ELYX. Our platform for analysis and management of energy utilities, allowed them to accurately configure and map all meters and delivery points, ensuring real-time updates on administrative activities related to energy. The implementation involved a total of 117 Mediamarket sales outlets in Italy, 195 PDCs and 31 PDRs, with an analysis of over 2800 invoices per year.
Thanks to our solution Mediamarket continues to improve the efficiency and accuracy of operations related to energy, strengthening its commitment to corporate sustainability.


Monitoring and optimization of costs and consumption

Not only availability of energy data and centralized management, through the accurate control of all energy bills, the customer was able to verify the number of bills received for discontinued locations and ensure that suppliers respected the agreed economic conditions. In addition, by configuring specific KPIs for each site in collaboration with the customer, we made possible to monitor the trends of costs and consumption for each energy source. Leveraging the availability of complete energy data and other values imported into the platform (such as surface area in square meters, number of employees and field monitoring data), we conducted advanced analysis at different levels and over different periods of time.
This included comparisons within the same building and between locations identified by clustering.

The information gained enabled all Mediamarkt branches to adopt best energy practices, reduce costs and limit environmental impact.


About Mediamarket S.p.A

Mediamarket S.p.A is the Italian subsidiary of Media Markt, one of the largest consumer electronics chains in Europe and part of the German group Metro. The company operates in Italy with the brands MediaWorld, Saturn and MediaWorld Compra On Line, generating a turnover of about 2.3 billion euros in 2009, equivalent to 11% of the group’s total turnover.
In recent years, Mediamarket has strengthened its presence on the Italian market by opening numerous locations, using a concept focused on proximity to meet customer needs and integrating an omnichannel strategy.

In 2020 it inaugurated the first tech village in the world in Milan, a building of 11,000 m2 entirely dedicated to innovation, in addition to the Varese “SMART” store in the historic center. In 2021 other stores were opened, including those in Rome Tuscolana, Salerno Centro and Turin Castello. The company has a large sales network with numerous outlets mainly located in major shopping centers.