Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital Foundation

Enhancing Energy Efficiency at the Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital Foundation

The Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital Foundation is dedicated to protecting and promoting human well-being in healthcare, education, scientific research, and biomedical innovation, both clinically and translationally. In line with these goals, the Foundation has also embarked on an efficient management path for its facilities and buildings.

Commitment to Energy Efficiency

Aiming for rational energy use, the Foundation has made targeted investments and carefully managed resources. This strategy ensures the growth of its activities and services to the community without resorting to unacceptable cuts or restrictions. Maintaining safe, comfortable, and operational facilities is crucial for patient care and accessibility for staff and visitors.

Utilizing Elyx for Energy Management

Among the various tools and software used for rational energy utilization, the Foundation leverages our unique and flexible platform, Elyx.

A Step Forward in Hospital Energy Management

As a long-standing client, we had the pleasure of meeting Daniele Cavarischia, the Energy Manager of the Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital Foundation, during last October’s Brainz – It’s All Energy Efficiency event. Daniele highlighted the importance of the control room for energy efficiency in hospital settings, emphasizing both management and maintenance of the entire infrastructure. He explained the continuous monitoring of over 3,000 climate-controlled rooms through a complex management software that ensures a safe and comfortable environment for patients, visitors, and staff. Additionally, the Foundation has implemented specific energy efficiency measures, such as the installation of a trigeneration plant, a micro-cogeneration plant, energy-efficient lighting systems, technological water recovery, and replacement of pumping systems.

Collaboration with Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital Foundation

Our collaboration began in 2016 with the launch of Elyx (formerly Energy Data Validation), our cloud platform for managing and analyzing energy bills. This enabled precise control of each bill item and price composition, leading to significant improvements and savings of several thousand euros. During the initial start-up phase, we engaged in continuous communication to understand their needs, examining business processes for energy bill management to define clear objectives and desired outcomes. In the production phase, necessary measures were taken to facilitate software integration with internal workflows, avoiding intermediate steps that could compromise and slow down optimization efforts.

Benefits of Adopting Elyx

The implementation of Elyx has met the specific needs of the Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital Foundation, resulting in significant advantages:

    • Detailed registration and analysis of each invoice item for all fiscal meters against existing contracts and current regulations. This activity enabled the contestation of several thousand euros for overbilling by the energy supplier, ensuring billing accuracy and mitigating future adjustments.
    • Exact breakdown of unit prices billed for each cost item, for each site/energy carrier.
    • Use of a Mobile App for uploading readings of all meters (fiscal and non-fiscal).
      Implementation of a forecasting system (updated monthly) for predicting current year’s costs based on expert forecasts.
    • Development of reporting and dashboard systems.

The collaboration between the Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital Foundation and Bisy has been progressively successful, expanding and developing contractual services to meet emerging needs over time.