Banca Nazionale del Lavoro

13.044 Energy bills / year
11.076 Water bills / year
3162 Delivery point

The Importance of Energy Efficiency for Businesses

The shift towards a low-carbon world requires companies to become more efficient in their energy consumption across all operations. Beyond significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions, energy efficiency helps businesses generate substantial savings, thereby enhancing their overall competitiveness. Banks like BNP Paribas and their clients are well-positioned to accelerate this change and support energy efficiency initiatives.

About Banca Nazionale del Lavoro (BNL)

Banca Nazionale del Lavoro (BNL) is one of the largest banking groups in Italy, serving approximately 2.5 million private customers, 130,000 small businesses and professionals, and over 33,000 corporations and institutions. Founded in 1913, the bank came under the control of the French group BNP Paribas in 2006. Today, following a successful integration process completed in 2008, BNL oversees commercial banking activities in Italy.
BNL has always adopted a forward-thinking approach to integrating technological solutions to improve process efficiency. With a strong customer base and a well-established presence in the financial sector, BNL understands the importance of digitalization to remain competitive in a rapidly evolving market.

Supporting Energy Transition: Data for Energy Optimization

With growing environmental awareness and the accelerating shift towards sustainable energy, BNL has decided to take an active role in supporting energy transition. By collaborating with a specialized company in digital energy management solutions like ours, BNL successfully implemented Elyx, an advanced platform for digitalizing and dematerializing energy bills.
The adoption of Elyx within the energy management office allowed the bank to leverage emerging technologies to efficiently handle energy-related transactions, maintain complete control over costs and consumption across all sites and offices in Italy. The Energy Manager now has access to an advanced tool to manage invoices for all energy carriers, enabling timely decisions to monitor and reduce energy consumption. A significant step forward in optimizing the bank’s consumption was the automatic digitalization of thousands of original and scanned PDF invoices, over 9,000 annually. This provided the client with a comprehensive consumption data database and identified potential water leaks. Based on the client’s consumption thresholds, we configured alerts for energy costs and consumption trends and automated the accounting of energy invoices. This brought several advantages to the client, including reduced operational costs, improved accuracy in financial analyses, and a more sustainable environmental footprint.

Benefits of Digitalizing Energy Invoices with ELYX

BNL successfully tackled the challenges associated with managing energy invoices by adopting the Elyx platform from Bisy Srl. Needing to efficiently and centrally manage various invoices from all energy carriers, BNL recognized the necessity for a single integrated solution. The automatic digitalization of thousands of PDF invoices enabled a smooth transition to a fully digitalized management process, enhancing efficiency and reducing the risk of manual errors. Cost and consumption alerts provided BNL with proactive monitoring, allowing for a swift response to significant variations. Additionally, the automated accounting of energy invoices further simplified the verification and reporting process. The results included greater availability and control over energy costs and consumption at various levels, such as meter, site, cluster, and aggregate, positioning BNL advantageously in managing its energy resources.